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TROPICALS: Tropicals are the most common of plants and are pretty low maintenance.  There is no exact amount of water for tropicals but if you look at the layer of soil just under the rocks on the surface you will be able to tell weather it is moist or not.  Check twice a week to make sure the soil is moist and maintain it moist at all times it can't go more than one week without water.  You can water your terrarium using a small plastic water bottle and poke small holes in the lid and drizzle at the base of the plant for roughly 20 seconds if soil is wet do not water.  water twice weekly and keep out of direct sunlight however it can tolerate small amounts of direct light.  Trim plants as needed to maintain size and shape and prune any dead leaves.  
SUCCULENTS : Succulents are more like desert plants and and they don't require much water.  Depending on the size of your succulent 1-3 tablespoons of water per week should be enough and allow soil to dry between waterings.  Most succulents can go 2 weeks without any water and remember all terrariums are indoor only.  Succulents can tolerate direct sunlight but do not require it to grow, they do not grow very fast and you don't need to trim them but you can prune any dead leaves.  It is normal for succulents to shed a few dead leaves at the base of the plant as it grows new ones out the top. 
AIR PLANTS : Also known as Tilly plants have no roots nor need soil.  If you look at the plant closely you can see little white hairs that look like dust and thats like their roots it absorbs all the moisture and nutrients out of the air.  Since its so dry in Calgary we need to water them.  I suggest that you do not spray them in the glass vessel because water can get stuck in the middle and rot the plant and also have a calcium build up on the glass so take your air plant out of the vessel and then spray it so its wet all over but not dripping  then let it dry upside down.  once its dry place it back in the vessel  and do that once a week.  for air plants that won't be in any type of vessel spray and let it dry upside down and thats it.  Keep in complete shade and no need for trimming.